Invencible tawny serum lifting and illuminating effect - Dvine

Dvine - Invencible tawny serum lifting and illuminating effect 50ml

Dvine - Sérum de olhos ouro invencível

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Dvine - Invencible tawny serum 15ml + cleansing milk 125ml gift notebook

Dvine - Sérum de olhos ouro invencível



DIVINE Invencible tawny serum anti-aging lifting, illuminator effect

A serum that acts visibly in reducing facial signs of skin aging, enhancing the physiological ability of the skin to naturally repair and renew.

Ultra concentrated in Coenzyme Q10, DIVINE Invencible tawny serum effectively prevents the oxidative degradation of collagen and elastin of the skin, thus preserving its firmness and flexibility.

Protect your youth and feel the Douro deeply in your skin 💜

This concentrated feeds the antioxidant protection vital systems of the skin, allowing it to make the most of the skin cares that you apply every day, providing a lifting, illuminator, smoothing and decongestant effect.

Perfect for mature or aged skins with wrinkles, sagging or devitalized, it's also ideal for younger skins, during periods of excessive sun or environmental exposure.

Designed to operate continuously and progressively, it also has aromatherapy properties, repairing and rejuvenating for a pure experience of exquisite pleasure!

A truly invincible formulation for early signs of skin aging:

  • Gold
  • Argan stem cells
  • Bio Grape Grain Oil
  • Floral grape water
  • Resveratrol
  • Fragrance: Douro Nuclear Aroma of Port Wine

How to use





Apply 3 to 4 drops by morning and evening on clean and toned skin.
Massage gently until completely absorbed.
Proceed with the application of Dvine cream.

Line Gold Harvest

A line of specific skin care products, focused on the resolution of the visible signs of skin aging.
Exceptional cutting-edge formulations, in a multisensory antiaging approach.



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