Fortifying powder for nails and hair

Ecophane Powder attack solution for accentuated hair loss is a fortifying food supplement, to the care of brittle nails and hair, with hair falling trend.

Formulated with a high concentration of hydrolyzed protein (7400mg), vitamins and minerals, it strengthens the hair and prevents the fall and, at the same time, strengthens and hardens your nails.

Clinically proven effectiveness.

A beauty cure, to restore the shine of your hair and nails!

It is a wheat and sesame protein hydrolysate, of vegetable origin rich in sulphurous amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, which allows to strengthen the hair and nails.

In its composition has:

  • Wheat and sesame protein hydrolysates are rich in sulphur-containing amino acids, they encourage the formation of keratin
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to normal cysteine synthesis
  • Vitamin B8 helps maintain normal hair
  • Zinc helps maintain normal hair and nails and protects them from oxidative stress caused by sun exposure, pollution, fatigue etc.


This care is ideal for use in combination with Ecophane Fortifying Shampoo.

How to use





Dilute 3 dosing spoons (included) in water, yogurt, juice or cold milk, once a day, during the meal.

Maximum effectiveness is reached with 3 months of use (equivalent to 3 Powder Tubes).



Powder nails and air fortifying 318g 90doses

Ecophane beauté & éclat