Nail and hair fortifying tablets - Ecophane

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    Ecophane Nail and hair fortifying 60tablets offers shampoo 100ml
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Ecophane - Nail and hair fortifying 60tablets offers shampoo 100ml

Ecophane - Beauté & éclat comprimés

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    Ecophane Nail and hair fortifying 60tablets
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Ecophane - Nail and hair fortifying 60tablets

Ecophane - Beauté & éclat comprimés



The hair is formed by multiple constituents: water, lipids, trace elements, melaline and, most importantly, the keratin.
Keratin is an essencial protein to the formation of the hair and nails, ensuring its form, structure and vitality.

The formation of this protein in the body is dependent on various nutrients such as cysteine and methionine.

The hair and nails become thin and brittle with the deficit of these essential nutrients by: famine, extreme fatigue, environmental aggressions (sun, sea water pool, pollution), external aggressions (permanent, paintings, aggressive washes).

Ecophane guarantees maximum effectiveness for these situations!

Ecophane Tablets Maintenance Solution for moderate fall is the more practical option with optimum concentration.

Formulated with Spirulina, increases the bioavailability of iron ingested in the diet, limiting hair loss in women with iron deficiency (anemia).

How to use





Adults - 2 tablets / day

Children - 1 tablet / day

Swallowed with a glass of water as a single dose, with a meal.

The high security and low calorie levels (42Kcal/3doses) and saline allow use by pregnant, diabetic, hypertensive and during slimming regimes.



Innéov desnsilogy

last update: 17 May 2016

Innéov desnsilogy
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