Mouthwashe with fluoride for protection of sensitive teeth and gums - Elgydium

Elgydium - Mouthwashe with fluoride 500ml

Elgydium - Elgydium bain de bouche fluore



Teeth and sensitive gums protection!

Mouthwash with fluoride, contains chlorohexidina, a substance with antiseptic and antibacterial action.

Immediate freshness!

It is enriched with fluorine, in the form fluorinol, which fixes faster and better to the teeth. This ensures the protective action of enamel and prevention of tooth decay, contributes to the prevention of irritation of the gums, avoiding the formation of dental plaque and helping to balance the gingival and buccal flora.

With a pleasant mint flavor.

How to use





Adults and children over 3 years:
rinse half of messure glass for 30 seconds, after brushing the teeth, 2 to 3 times per day.