Toothpast for children - Elmex

Elmex - Children's toothpast 50ml

Elmex - Pasta dentĂ­frica infantil



Teeth always clean...

Because children love to eat, when they discover the sweet flavour of candys, it can give some tooth pain...
Elmex junior is the best anti-cavities treatment. And it's also sweet ;)

For clean and healthy teeth!

Specially developed for the dental hygiene of children, up to 6 years of age, contains amine fluoride that remineralizes enamel effectively and ensures a great anti-cavities protection.

Until the age of 6 years, to maintain healthy milk teeth and promote a great routine of hygiene is fundamental.

With Elmex junior, since the first tooth, protection is guaranteed.

How to use



From the birth of the first tooth, apply an amount of equivalent to the size of a pea 1 time per day.

From two years apply the same amount 2 times a day.