Eye & lip contour antiaging regeneration treatment - Endocare

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Endocare - Eye & lip contour antiaging regeneration 15ml

Endocare - Contorno de ojos y labios regenerador antiedad



Because eyes and lips also worth it...

With a powerful regenerative activity, anti-oxidant and decongestant, this lotion restores firmness, moisture and luminosity to the eye and lips contour.

A very sensitive area, such as the eyes and lips, deserves a specific and innovative care.

With SCA Biorepair technology, with anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle active, it helps to relieve bags and to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
It also has action on dark circles and reduces expression wrinkles both periocular as nasogenian.

In SCA Repair Index this lotion is rated 8.

How to use






Apply in the morning and in the evening, with soft touches, on the eyes and lips contour, on perfectly cleansed skin.


Endocare, clinically advanced natural skin regeneration

last update: 03 June 2016

Endocare, clinically advanced natural skin regeneration
A line of products to combat skin photoaging and dedicated to facial rejuvenation!
Perfect lips

last update: 10 April 2017

Perfect lips
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