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The secret of perfect and bright skin! The Erborian launches an exceptional facial treatment, which aims to achieve skin perfection.

One of the many Korean secrets to a perfect skin. Pink Perfect Crème is a creamy balm that helps taking care of the skin, refining the  texture and improving the pore's appearance.

According to Erborian's experts, this care aims to create a bright and cool effect as the morning dew ... romantic, right?

It involves the skin and intoxicates the senses!

Contains plant's extracts which are used in the traditional way by our Korean counterparts, such as Diospyros kaki leaf's extract, camellia seed oil and Japonica seed oil Curcubita pepo ,excellent antioxidants that soothe the skin, to resist to the skin's daily aggressions. The fusion of multiple active ingredients on this prodigious cream ensures:

  • Splendor and luminosity;
  • Reduction of the pores;
  • Improvement of the skin;
  • A subtle enhancement of complexion;
  • Satin finish.

Pink Perfect Crème by Erborian, provides a healthy and light moisturizing giving the skin a fresh and filled look.

The pink color, gives a healthy and loving effect to the skin. The aroma is wonderful!

It's also an exceptional makeup base emulsion, which extends makeup, easier to spread, handle eye shadows, and give a velvety finish to the skin. 

The result is an absolutely perfect skin!

How to use






Apply by morning after cleansing the face, instead of your usual moisturizer.

As pre-make up base, apply after cleansing and toning the skin, from the center to the face's outlines.


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