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Estee Lauder - Clear difference advanced blemish serum 50ml

Estee Lauder - Clear difference advanced blemish serum



The perfect formula to restore and maintain the skin with a flawless appearance without pores.

Clear diference Advanced Blemish is a refiner serum skin and anti-bubbles, it contains a unique triple action technology to gently release the scaling and roughness, pimples and minimize glare and reduce the appearance of pores.

This slightly moisturizing formula without oil and seborreguladora, keeps pores clean of impurities so that they can have a reduced aspect.

Day after day, the skin has an incredibly fresher, smoother and flawless look.

This serum specialist is proven to fight pimples and help prevent the frequency and intensity of future eruptions, thanks to Triple Action Technology Clarity:

  • Stop the cycle of eruptions!

Combat and reduces pimples, thanks to salicylic acid. Has yet powerful anti-irritants to soothe the skin, and agents that purify the skin. With continued use, helps prevent the frequency and intensity of future eruptions.

  • End of Flaking and Harshness!

Formulated with a high concentration of glucosamine, a natural sugar and refining the skin, it normalizes the natural cycle of skin cell renewal, to remove dull and lifeless cell help prevent clogging of pores, which can give the appearance of rash . The skin feels instantly hydrated and silky smooth.

  • Oily Excess control. Poros Tuned!

Encourages the skin to control excess oil through a powerful marine extract. Leaves skin with a fresh, natural finish. It helps unclog pores so they are significantly lower.


How to use

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Apply by morning and evening after cleansing and toning the skin.