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Estee Lauder - Clear difference targeted blemish treatment 4ml

Estee Lauder - Clear difference targeted blemish treatment



Formulated based on the Triple Action Technology Clarity localized use of this gel rapidly penetrates the skin, to immediately reduce the size of bubbles, reduce redness and irritation.

It should be applied at the first sign of a possible eruption to discourage it from occurring and prevent the eruptions become more evident.

Developed a mechanism with a plunger and a roll-on tip, allows you to use half of the formula localy on the imperfection, or to apply all over the face.

Together with the Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum, these two powerful formulas will help your skin regain and maintain its brightness and natural smoothness.


How to use

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Push the plunger halfway and individually apply to the imperfection to be treated. Or push the plunger until the end and apply all over the face for reducing effect of pores and stronger anti-imperfection. Clean the roll-on ball after use.