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Estee Lauder launches the next generation of cleaning care: The Perfectly Clean Collection, a line of cleaning care and face cleansing with action 2 in 1, to provide a single care treatment of two products, making the beauty ritual most complete and effective!

With targeted care for different skin concerns, Perfectly Clean Collection helps it to achieve the best results: skin smooth, healthy, radiant and comfortable.

Perfectly Clean Multi-action Foam Cleanser and Purifying Mask a cleansing mousse and  purifying mask 2-in-1!

New generation of cleaning care 2-in-1, which aims to care in one of two products functionality:

  • Mousse Cleanser Cleansing, daily use, when used with water forms a refreshing creamy foam that gently cleanses the skin in depth, removing all impurities and freeing the pores. Gently normalizes the most oily areas and soothes the face of drier areas, leaving a feeling of comfort and renewed skin.
  • Purifying mask, a mask three minutes to be used 2 times a week to cleanse the skin.

This exquisite care of refreshing face, is suitable for all skin types, and is particularly interesting for normal to combination skin given the ability to rebalance the skin.


How to use

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As Mousse Cleanser Cleansing: apply morning and evening on the previously wet face. Emulsify gently. Remove with warm water. Then apply Perfectly Clean Refreshing Tonic.

As Purifying Mask: apply 2 times a week, massaging on dry skin. Let stand for 3 minutes and remove with water. Avoid the eye area.