Perfectly clean multi-action creme cleanser/moisture mask - Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder - Perfectly clean multi-action creme cleanser and moisture mask150ml

Estee Lauder - Perfectly clean multi-action creme cleanser/moisture mask



Laboratories Estee Lauder give a huge step in addressing facials, and launch the next generation of cleaning care: The Perfectly Clean Collection!

A line of action 2 in 1, to provide care in a single treatment of two products, making it the most comprehensive and effective beauty ritual.

Combines botanical extracts and minerals in luxurious textures that pamper the skin while helping to achieve the best results: skin smooth, healthy, radiant and comfortable.

Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Creme Cleanser and Moisture Mask a cleansing cream and moisturizing mask!

Pamper your skin with this delicious cleansing cream that promotes removal of make-up and impurities so smooth that it looks like wash your face with an Egyptian satin pillow!

When used as a moisturizing mask, it rejuvenates the skin like a deep sleep. The result is a healthy, luminous skin!

  • Cleansing Cream, ultra smooth and creamy cleanser, gently cleanses the skin while moisturizing. This luxurious cleansing cream, softens the fabric, leaving the skin feeling soft. The sensation of tugging is relieved and the skin gets its natural elasticity. Helps preserve skin's moisture barrier. The skin feels spoiled, clean and comfortably.
  • Moisturizing mask, intensely moisturizing cream, give comfort to dehydrated skin, with a sensation of tugging. It softens the touch and gives brightness. The rejuvenates skin looking more rested and healthy.


How to use

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As a cleansing cream: apply with hands on dry skin through a gentle massage in circular motions. Remove with the help of a tissue or cotton or water.

As moisturizing mask: apply twice a week or as needed to cleansed face in the evening. Leave for 3 minutes. Massage to absorption.