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Precious and very rare ...

Private Collection is like a gathering of flowers, green leaves and spices from a careful and precious private greenhouse.

Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is the fruit of the brilliant marriage is of refined ingredients, prepared from the heart of nature and modern technology.

At the heart of this perfume: precious tuberose and exotic gardenia, fascinating two white flower essences were extracted using the most sophisticated methods, offering an unrivaled purity and potency comparable to naturally exudes fragrance of flowers air.

This sumptuous floral finds its balance in their top notes, neroli, mingled with the sublime light lilac and rosewood opulence.

Orange blossom, fresh, the sweetness of jasmine and lily, intriguing form the heart notes, a hint of cloves mixed with notes of vanilla form the base notes.

"Private Collection belongs to a private collection of all women who believe they deserve the best that life has to offer" - Estee Lauder

Private Collection comes from a Mrs. Lauder's private collection of rare fragrances and essences.

Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is the combination of precious ingredients that were kept only for Ms. Lauder!


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