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In addition to technical anti-wrinkle promise, estee luxurious facial treatment combines the rarity and excellence, which are legitimate Re-Nutriv!

Absolutely delicious, Re-Nutriv acts as a revitalizing serum, due to its exceptional composition, which combines three anti-aging natural extracts: Wolfberry, Artemia and Ginseng.

This unique combination allows the state revitalizing skin, improving cellular function, stimulate collagen production, and to regenerate and repair cell damage.

Re-Nutriv, the promise of health and longevity of cells.

Incredibly smooth and rehydrated, lines and wrinkles fade away, the skin finds a new splendor!

Re-Nutriv Creme Extreme Comfort is endowed with the unique technology "Pillow Polymers", polymers that act as springs on the skin surface, smoothing it, filling it and shaping facial contours.

The application of this care creates a protective film on the skin, protecting it from contact stress, and conferring an extreme comfort.

The natural their emollient properties, melt instantly into the skin, promoting the hydration of the upper layers of the skin and keeping the moisture of the tissues.

The skin is intensely moisturized.


How to use

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Apply morning and evening after cleansing the skin.