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Estee Lauder - Re-creation face creme 50ml and night serum 15ml

Estee Lauder - Re-nutriv re-creation face creme and night serum



From the deep heart of the earth, the most amazing discovery!

Create and maintain an extraordinarily youthful look, with a day and night beauty ritual! Today it is possible!

Re-Creation, a new beginning in skin intervention!

Formulated with the complex Glacial Bio Extract and the highest concentration of Re-Nutriv Life Re-Newing Molecules, Re-Creation, a surprisingly rich and powerful ritual, gives the skin vitality, renewal and light.

  • Glacial Bio Extract

The incredible existence of living beings in the icy glaciers of the Southern Ocean, generated the inspiration for the Re-Creation line. Exclusively refined and cultivated in a sustainable way, it is proven that the Glacial Bio Extract, helps increase the production of elastin and optimize skin hydration. An impressive advance for a healthy and absolutely beautiful skin.

  • Life Re-Newing Molecules

This extraordinary and exclusive infusion is the secret behind the power of Re-Nutriv line of treatment. Repairs, restores and recharges the energy of the skin, giving a completely revitalized appearance.

The most luxurious anti-aging treatment ever developed by Estee Lauder laboratories!

The line consists of a global action response by day and night. The textures are suitable for all skin types.

Day and night

Formulated with two presentations aimed at different times of the day, this synergistic pair - cream and serum - involves the skin in an exclusive luxury restoring youth and beauty to the face:

  • Day: this sumptuous care helps strengthens the collagen network, reducing the marked wrinkles and softening the imperfections. The skin becomes renewed and enlightened.
  • Night: with a serum texture, this infusion of nutritional lipids, prolong the ritual of the day cream with deep penetration. During the night, the skin is luxuriously surrounded by rare and precious extracts.


How to use

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Apply the cream by morning on the face and neck after cleansing the skin. Apply the serum at night over the face after cleansing and then apply the cream.