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Discontinued Product.
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Pamper your skin with exceptional comfort!

Re-Nutriv Replenishing Comfort is an anti-aging care, that deep and instantly nourishes the skin throughout the day.

Extremely rich and surprisingly refreshing this care strengthens the skin against the visible signs of aging.

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, the line Re-Nutriv Replenishing Comfort is extremely effective, allowing the skin to rest in a true sanctuary of comfort and calm.

Formulated with advanced Omega3 Phyto Complex, composed of extracts from Kamiri, Bilberry and seed Camelina Sativa, nourishes the skin with Omega 3, essential for cell survival.

Re-Nutriv Replenishing Comfort strengthens dry and fragile skin, helping to reverse the dehydration and irritation, preventing skin aging.

Developed with the Epigenetics Technology, which uses Molecules Life Re-Newing allows these cares to repair, restore and energize the skin's appearance, for a really bright result.

From the moment you apply, the skin is involved in an indulgent pleasure, and the restored hydration, smoothed lines and the velvety skin.

Flexibility is restored, and the feeling of comfort is sustained throughout the day.



How to use

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Apply morning and evening after smootly cleansing the skin.