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Estee Lauder - Re-nutriv ultimate diamond sculpting refinishing dual infusion 25ml

Estee Lauder - Re-nutriv ultimate diamond sculpting/refinishing dual infusion



Estee Lauder presents a rare find, wrapped in a supreme luxury, and developed with the latest innovation:

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Sculpting Refinishing Dual Infusion is a luxurious innovative formula that contains one of the rare, precious and sumptuous ingredients in the world - the Black Diamond Truffle.

The Black Diamond Truffle extract scientifically advanced, pure and concentrated energy and stimulates the skin's natural vitality.

In a moment of pure power, the fusion of both elixirs transform every millimeter of the skin, to an astonishing result.

This powerful dual infusion helps energize the 100 million face skin cells, and contains two powerful elixirs which together provide an extraordinary lifting effect, help to sculpt the face and to improve the skin's appearance:

  • Elixir Gold

It incorporates the luxurious truffle extract of Black Diamond, which deeply acts to give lift, firm and sculpt the skin's appearance. Developed with patented technology that keeps youth, exclusive of Re-Nutriv line, this elixir, helps rejuvenate the skin. This sumptuous serum also contains 24K Gold Refined, combined with anti-irritants, to help soothe and soften the skin's appearance, wearing the absolute comfort.

  • Elixir Platinum

Formulated with a high and powerful combination of skin refiner acts to refine the surface, smooth, and reduce the appearance of pores, immediately and over time. Precious pearls South Sea and optical illuminators, create an immediate radiant and aprefeiçoada appearance. The skin reveals a more even tone with a natural luminosity.

Each elixir is sealed separately to preserve its profound power to be activated on each application.


How to use

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Apply morning and evening after cleansing. Take a dose of luxury serum in the palm. Mix thoroughly both elixirs, and apply on face and neck. Avoid the eye area. Then apply the care Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Cream.


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last update: 17 December 2017

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