Revitalizing supreme + global anti-aging eye balm - Estee Lauder

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Estee Lauder - Revitalizing supreme global anti-aging eye balm 15ml

Estee Lauder - Revitalizing supreme global anti-aging eye balm



Revitalizing Supreme Balm Eye Contour, formulated with a velvety texture, instantly nourishes and revitalizes for a more youthful appearance.

Now in an enhanced formula that features a unique Moringa Extract, its effectiveness has been potentiated for significant reduction of multiple signs of aging including dull skin, dehydration, wrinkles and loss of firmness!!

The look becomes firmer, more radiant and beautiful.

This care of high performance and multi-action has the power to address the different needs of the skin.

Clinically proven: in just 4 weeks 92% of women showed a significantly firmer look!

This helps to visibly reduce multiple signs of aging in the eye contour:

  • fine lines;
  • wrinkles;
  • dehydration;
  • sagging.

Formulated with powerful IntuiGen technology that helps revive the innate ability of the skin to look younger.


How to use

Estee Lauder




Apply morning and evening in the bone area around the eyes after cleansing the face and before moisturizer. You can apply this care as rejuvenating mask around the eyes, for 2 minutes 2 times a week, and then remove the excess with a tissue.