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Discontinued Product.
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Filorga's Laboratories create a skin enhancer care, which combines all the key-steps of a beauty routine for a perfect skin: BB-Perfect.

From skin care to makeup, in one step, BB-Perfect confers all the essential actions to the maintenance of an extraordinary skin:

  • Moisturizing action, due to formulation with Hyaluronic Acid, skin hydration is increased by 36%;
  • Global anti-aging action, a powerful active ingredient corrects wrinkles by activating the mechanisms of skin healing, and SPF 15 prevents cutaneous ageing.
  • Smoothing and anti-redness action, a complex of calming ingredients, smoothes, desensitizes and reduces redness of fragile and irritated skin.
  • Skin enhancer effect, soft-focus pigments of last generation allow a transparent cover, to conserve the natural texture and brightness of the skin.

Its creamy texture and easy to apply merges gently on the skin, for a perfect, natural and light  finish.

Tip: Ideal after cosmetic intervention (injections, peels, lasers, etc.) to hide small bruises and redness, and stimulate tissue regeneration.

How to use







Apply every morning on the face by a light massage. Can be used alone or on a serum and/or a day cream according to skin type.


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