Perfect skin serum - Filorga

Filorga - Perfect skin serum 30ml

Filorga - Perfect sérum peau parfaite



The entire Filorga's medical expertise, was condensed in this remarkable serum which leaves the skin with a perfect finish.

Have a perfect skin texture, is really one of the greatest expectations, and to match this expectation Filorga developed the Perfect+ Serum, a high-quality skincare that acts on all components that contribute to a perfect complexion:

  • Fine lines and skin texture, a trio of active ingredients - 1 skin optimizer + 1  ingredient peeling-like + the NCFT patented complex - restores the cellular communication and stimulates cell renewal to a smoothed texture.
  • Pores and shine, an active ingredient with astringent action reduces pore size and gives a mattifying effect to the skin.
  • Luminosity, an active ingredient based on plant extracts, react in harmony with the skin to create a natural and healthy glow.


    Skin is instantly transformed, looking and
feeling younger day after day.

How to use






Apply daily in the morning or at night before the cream. Wash hands thoroughly after use in order to neutralise the healthy glow active ingredient.  This ingredient may slightly change the colour of the product, but this is normal.