Ophycée correcting and wrinkles' filling serum - Galenic

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Galenic - Ophycée correcting and wrinkles' filling serum

Galenic - Ophycée sérum correcteur rides



The Ophycée correcting and wrinkles' filling serum provides a smoother, brighter and more youthful skin thanks to its unique formulation inspired by the healing properties of blue algae!

Advanced care against the "scars" marked by time!

The blue algae present in this serum are in the form of an absolute and patented extract; able to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively. To provide greater compatibility and potentiate its absorption, this formulation still counts on biomimetic glycopeptides.

The antioxidant and protective action of this serum is conferred by the presence of vitamin E; and the instant filling action is achieved thanks to the action of encapsulated hyaluronic acid.

The nacre microspheres also provide a gentle light reflection; making the small wrinkles even less visible and giving more light to your complexion.

A delicately bluish serum, with fresh and light in texture; who will make you fall in love with its notes of aniseed watermelon, jasmine and sandalwood.

How to Use






Apply daily on cleansed facial skin in the morning and/or evening before your cream.