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    Ginix Lubricating fluid gel 60ml
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Ginix - Lubricating fluid gel 60ml

Ginix - Lubricating fluid gel



Fluid lubricant gel, moisturizer and protector of the vaginal mucous membrane, non-hormonal, formulated to help make up for the inadequacy of natural vaginal secretions and allow a better lubrication!

For your comfort

Can occur at any stage of a woman's life, although it is more common in periods of pre-menopause and menopause, due to reduced production of female sex hormones, namely estrogen, responsible among other duties for the maintenance of the body and lubrication of the muscle tone in the genitals.

This decreased natural lubrication, together with other factors such as elevation of the pH, can lead to situations of extreme vaginal dryness, with irritation, pain and burning during sex and increased susceptibility to infections.

Not contain Vaseline. Compatible with the use of a condom.

- Ginix Gel Lubricant Fluid 60 ml (tube)
- Ginix 5x12ml Lubricant Fluid Gel (pods)

How to Use





Apply before the sexual relations and renew if necessary.