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    Halibut Halibut derma baby shower gel 500ml
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Halibut - Halibut derma baby shower gel 500ml

Halibut - Halibut derma bebé gel banho



Gentle hygiene and adapted to the needs of your baby's delicate skin!

The baby's bath is a very important time in the skin care and hygiene of the baby, but it is also a privileged space for the creation of affective ties with parents, of fun and leisure, sharing and stimulation of the child's cognitive development.

Ph physiological and total safety

Halibut Derma Baby Shower Gel is a delicate foam gel for mild cleansing of the baby's skin since birth.

It can also be used as a shampoo up to 12 months of age!


How to use





Apply directly to moistened skin or dilute in bath water.