Get groomed purifying beard scrub - House 99

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    House 99 Get groomed purifying beard scrub 150ml
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House 99 - Get groomed purifying beard scrub 150ml

House 99 - Get groomed purifying beard scrub



Do you think you wash your beard correctly? We would not be so sure...

In this case, House 99 created the Get groomed purifying beard scrub; that besides eliminating impurities helps avoid the development of ingrown hairs and dandruff generation.

Long, short, curly beards... A scrub for all of them, and also for your skin!

It's rough texture is due to the black coal and volcanic stones contained in the formulation; which is also enriched with spirulina, quinoa and ginseng extracts.

A must to ensure a perfect shaving at all times!

How to Use

House 99





Apply on wet beard and gently massage.

Rinse thoroughly.

It can be used twice to three times a week.


House 99

last update: 04 July 2018

House 99
Grooming: the art of taking care of your self in a masculine way, so that you always feel your best! SweetCare has been selected to represent House 99 in Portugal, therefore we welcome you to this new home!