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Sharp cut shaving stick - House 99

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    House 99 Sharp cut shaving stick 50g
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House 99 - Sharp cut shaving stick 50g

House 99 - Sharp cut shaving stick



Impeccable beard with no effort!

The Sharp cut shaving stick was born from the barber shop tradition, and it allows to replace the classic brush, thus minimizing the discomfort associated with shaving!

Accuracy and practicality for shaving!

It's formulation enables to place thehair at the perfect angle, while it softens and moisturizes your skin. With a shape that is adjusted to the your face contours, this stick allows you to focus on the areas you want to shape.

Because it's solid and small, this product is ideal to take with you on the go.

How to Use

House 99





Apply directly on wet skin, sliding on the areas you want to shape before shaving.

Rinse thoroughly.


House 99

last update: 04 July 2018

House 99
Grooming: the art of taking care of your self in a masculine way, so that you always feel your best! SweetCare has been selected to represent House 99 in Portugal, therefore we welcome you to this new home!