Foto ultra 90 cream spf 50 - Isdin

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    Isdin Foto ultra 90 cream spf 50+ 50ml
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Isdin - Foto ultra 90 cream spf 50+ 50ml

Isdin - Foto ultra 90 cream spf 50+



Protection of the very sun-sensitive skin.

Protection and moisturizing!

Moisturizes in depth leaving the skin extremely comfortable.

How to use





Before any sun exposure apply the product uniformly. Renew application in case of long sun exposure and after each shower.

ISDIN - Solar Protection

Sun offers numerous benefits. However, for safe exposure is necessary the adoption of specific care, such as the use of sunscreen. Abusive and careless solar exposure besides photoaging can also promote the development of skin cancer.

The effectiveness of the sunscreen will depend on the sun protection factor (SPF) which should be suitable and specific to each skin type. The availability of a wide variety of textures (cream, lotion, gel-cream,...) allows the selection of sunscreen more enjoyable for your skin.