Ureadin deodorant - Isdin

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    Isdin Ureadin deodorant 50ml
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Isdin - Ureadin deodorant 50ml

Isdin - Ureadin deodorant



Moisturizing and antiperspirant emulsion roll on for daily care. All skin types.

Dry and moisturized armpits!!!

Moisturizing (urea ISDIN), antibacterial protection (triclosan), damp elimination (talc microparticles).

How to use





Apply daily on clean, dry skin.

ISDIN - Ureadin

Urea ISDIN is a molecule with proven results in hydration and exfoliation. Reduces transepidermic water loss maintaining optimal hydration levels, promotes cell renewal and features natural peeling effect.

Ureadin range improves barrier function, enhances the immune system and activates elastin production, giving skin flexibility.