Eye cream anti-aging treatment with oxygen - Karin Herzog

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    Karin Herzog Eye cream with 0,5% oxygen 15ml
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Karin Herzog - Eye cream with 0,5% oxygen 15ml

Karin Herzog - Eye cream decongest

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Enriched with nourishing and smooth vitamins Vita-A-Kombi Eyes has 0.5% of Oxygen.

This concentration is especially designed to be used in the eye contour, where the skin is most delicate and marked by age.

Vita-A-Kombi Eyes helps to decongest and relax the skin around the eyes, with anti-dark circles action, illuminating the complexion and preventing wrinkles.

It is particularly interesting to reduce fine wrinkles and to repair hydrolipidic film in eyes contour to maximise skin comfort.

Cell metabolism is stimulated, and the results are quickly visible.

The skin is renewed, the skin tone ir firmer and an the eye contour get more bright and freshness.

This cream is also excellent for the lips giving them firmness, hydration and reducing the fine wrinkles.

How to use

Karin Herzog





Apply morning and evening, on the eye contour area, without massaging.


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Find out the princess' choose.
Karin Herzog is the number one brand for the women in royal families. Is the only brand to transform the skin from the inside out.