Vita a kombi oil anti-aging treatment - Karin Herzog

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    Karin Herzog Vita-a-kombi facial oil 15ml
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Karin Herzog - Vita-a-kombi facial oil 15ml

Karin Herzog - Vita-a-kombi oil

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Vita-A-Kombi Oil was developed with the aim of highlighting the results obtained with the Vita-A-Kombi treatments.

It is suitable to dehydrated skins or damaged for cold climates. 

Vita-A-Kombi Oil is a serum complement to treatment with oxygen.

Rich in minerals and Vitamin A and E this light texture oil nourishes the skin, making up for every need, ensuring excellent results of oxygen therapy.

For the skin to produce collagen and to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, some nutrients are needed to stimulate the cellular renewal process.

One of those essential ingredients is Vitamin A!

This unique and luxurious oil is concentrated in vitamin A and E to promote cell renewal, boost the production of collagen fibers and protect the fibers from damage caused by free radicals.

Additionally this oil has calming and soothing properties of dry and traumatized skins.

When applied before the Vita-A-Kombi treatments, ensures the correct and effective transportation of nutrients to enhanced action.

At the same time, their nutritional capacities leave skin radiant, bright, firm and smooth.

How to use

Karin Herzog





Apply on the face, neck, around the eyes and lips, before the use of your Vita-A-Kombi treatment, in order to nourish sensitive skin, and enhance the results. Can be also applied in cuticles before hand cream for extra protection and nutrition of the hands.


Facial massage

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Facial massage
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