Anne péraudel solid scented soaps lavender - Klorane

Klorane - Anne de peraudel cologne scented soap 250g

Klorane - Anne de peraudel cologne savon perfumé

Klorane - Anne de peraudel sweet almond scented soap 250g

Klorane - Anne de peraudel huile d'amande douce savon perfumé




Made from high quality soap shavings, the scented soaps Anne of Péraudel allows to gently clean the skin, preserving it, without drying it out.

Skin clean and fragrant

Excellent for cleaning and perfuming all skin types, giving an extra pleasure to hygiene.

The Scented Soaps Anne de Péraudel are enriched with sweet almond oil that has emollients, anti-irritants and soothing features.

Anne de Péraudel offers 3 scents:

  • Lavender

  • Cologne

  • Sweet Almond oil

The time of utilization of this care is long, due to their low water content.


How to use





Soap skin in the shower or tub and rinse with clean water. 

Without preservatives.

Suitable for all skin types.