Baby diaper change eryteal ointment - Klorane

Klorane - Baby eryteal ointment 75ml

Klorane - Bébé eryteal pommade




Rich in vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, Eryteal ointment has barrier, repair and soothing properties that are particularly effective against diaper rash.

Calming and soothing ointment
to protect your baby's bottom

Isolates (zinc oxide 20%) the skin from aggression of urine, faeces and nappy rubbing, neutralizes bacterial proliferation and promotes the disappearance of redness.

Enriched in protecting Calendula extract, this ointment reduces redness and relieves the feeling of baby discomfort.

Its composition rich in fats, contributes to the reconstruction of the epidermis.


How to use






Apply at every diaper change on perfectly clean and dry skin, in a thick layer on the diaper area and folds, avoiding mucous membranes.

In case of remaining residues do not try to remove them, they will disappear during the following hygiene.