Chamomile extract shampoo brightness and golden reflections - Klorane

Klorane - Shampoo with chamomile 200ml

Klorane - Shampooing blondissant et illuminateur

Klorane - Shampoo with chamomile 400ml

Klorane - Shampooing blondissant et illuminateur



Is your hair blond or light brown? Do you wish to recover the brightness of your blonde hair and naturally sharpen its reflexes?

With the line of hair care with chamomile extract base, the blond hair is gently clarified and illuminated with beautiful golden reflections.

Formulated with no synthetic dye or bleach, the shampoo with chamomile extract naturally lightens the hair and restores all shine and brightness.

Natural enlightening shampoo for blond or light brown hair

Incorporated into a very soft emulsifying base, the chamomile extract gives the shampoo its lightener effect.

The apigenin in this care is fixed on the hair fibers, covering the scales without penetrating inside the hair, and gradually enhances blond and golden highlights.


How to use






Apply to wet hair, massaging until foaming, and rinse thoroughly.

There is no need to repeat the application.

This very gentle shampoo is suitable for mothers and children.

Use whenever necessary.

Klorane - Chamomile

Your hair is blonde or light brown? To retrieve the brightness of your blonde hair and enliven your reflexes in a natural way?

With the line of hair care products with a basis of extract of Chamomile, your blonde hair is softly blow over and illuminated with beautiful golden reflections.

Used since antiquity for its digestive properties and dermatológias, Chamomile grows in sunny climates.

Since always, women used their petals to make the hair more bright, brilliant and blondish.

With Klorane the hair looks beautiful and full of life.