Cyan flower soothing and relaxing eye contour patches - Klorane

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Klorane - Cyan flower soothing and relaxing eye contour patches 7units with 2patches

Klorane - Patchs lissants défatigants au bleuet



Rich in cyan floral water and arnica with draining and decongestant action, these smoothing and decongesting patches act effectively to alleviate the signs of fatigue resulting from lack of sleep or a hard day's work or just to return freshness and rest after a sun exposure.

Instant decongestant effect patches

The traces are immediately smoothed , dark circles are atenuated, puffiness is attenuated and the look become enlightened.

On a ponctual utilization, it is a real flash of brighteness, allowing an immediate "fresh face" effect.

How to use





Apply the patch without pressing the inner contour of the eyes and leave for 20 minutes.


For a long-lasting smoothing effect, do a special application for 7 or 14 days.

To enhance the effectiveness of these calming patches, try to put them in the refrigerator before using.



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