Klorane depilatory cream - Klorane

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    Klorane Depilatory cream 150ml
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Klorane - Depilatory cream 150ml

Klorane - Crème dépilatoire trés douce

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    Klorane Depilatory cream 75ml
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Klorane - Depilatory cream 75ml

Klorane - Crème dépilatoire trés douce



The depilatory cream eliminates hair perfectly and respects the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and clean.

Fast and effective hair removal!

Smooth, hairless skin 

Easy to apply, the waxing is done quickly and successfully to a soft, hairless skin.

Your new perfume makes its use very pleasant.


How to use






Perform a test on the inner side of the elbow, 24 hours before using for the first time. Should not appear any redness.

Apply the cream on healthy skin, without injuries or irritations. Do not use soap or products containing alcohol a few hours before or after epilation.

The cream should be applied in a thick and regular layer with the help of a spatula in order to cover all the hair.

Leave the cream to act with the help of the spatula and rinse abundantly.

Attention: Do not use on injured, sore or irritated skin.