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Magnolia dull hair leave in spray - Klorane

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    Klorane Leave-in spray with magnolia 100ml
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Klorane - Leave-in spray with magnolia 100ml

Klorane - Eau de brillance à la cire de magnolia




Light and thin, elaborated without silicone, the leave-in spray with Magnolia deposits a layer of protective gloss to the hair surface.

Reveals and intensifies the natural glow of the hair

Its rinse-free formula, enriched with an vegetable detangling active ingredient, facilitates the maintenance of the hair, without turning it heavy.

Soft and loose, the hair reveals an intense glow.

How to use






Vaporize all over the hair and proceed with styling.

It's used after washing without rinsing, on wet hair for easy detangling, or daily on dry hair.

Magnolia - Klorane

Klorane developed a line of hair care products with Magnolia, to provide to the dull hair, an intense glow and protection.

From the cuticle of leaves of Magnolia it's extracted a moisturizing and protective wax to protect dull hair, whose reflective action has been scientifically demonstrated and patented. 

With a perfect affinity with the hair cuticle, it fixates to the surface and provides exceptional brightness to the hair.



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