Nettle extract dry shampoo for oily hair - Klorane

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Klorane - Nettle extract dry shampoo seboregulating spray 150ml

Klorane - Shampooing sec à l'ortie

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Klorane Laboratories conceived this unique product to allow you to clean your hair without water.

Extremely practical, the Dry Seborregulating Shampoo with nettle extract can be used in a single gesture, to space the washings with liquid shampoos.

Dry Shampoo
Seborregulating care, without rinse

Thanks to its seborregulating power, it absorbs excess sebaceous secretions from the hair, returning it a clean look.


The hair regains lightness and volume.


How to use






Shake well before use and evenly spray a small amount of the product over the hair, at a 30 cm distance.

Leave for 2 minutes, and then brush thoroughly to remove all traces of dust.

Suitable for oily prone hairs.

Nettle - Klorane

Oily hair, with lack of lightness? Often need to wash your hair to keep it clean and soft?

Regulate the excess of sebaceous secretions of the scalp, space washings and keep the hair clean for longer with the Klorane Nettle extract base shampoos.

The polycyclic seborregulating compounds of the nettle extract, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.


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