Nettle extract seboregulating shampoo oily hair - Klorane

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Klorane - Shampoo with nettle extract for oily hair 200ml

Klorane - Shampooing à l'ortie

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Klorane - Shampoo with nettle extract for oily hair 400ml

Klorane - Shampooing à l'ortie



With this Klorane care, your hair stays clean for longer!

Leaves your hair silky, flexible and light

With its extremely soft, detangling and volumizing cleansing base, which avoids the risk of recurrence, the Seborregulating Shampoo with Nettle Extract, regulates sebaceous secretions progressively, allowing toe space between washings.

How to use






Apply to wet hair.

Leave for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Use twice a week as an intensive treatment, and then once a week as a follow-up treatment.

Nettle - Klorane

Oily hair, with lack of lightness? Often need to wash your hair to keep it clean and soft?

Regulate the excess of sebaceous secretions of the scalp, space washings and keep the hair clean for longer with the Klorane Nettle extract base shampoos.

The polycyclic seborregulating compounds of the nettle extract, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.