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The Klorane Fortifying Serum Anti-Hair Loss is shown in indicated in reactional hair loss (stress, fatigue, post-partum) or in the case of hair loss caused by capillary devitalization.

Anti-Hair Loss
Intensive Care

In its composition contains an quinine-caffeine active complex.

Quinine contains fortifying properties that, associated to caffeine and their anti-hair loss properties, over activates the efficacy of quinine, stimulating the growth of hair follicles.

Also contains vitamin B5 with a fortifying action on the hair.

The Klorane Sérum anti-hair loss, penetrates into the hair fiber to greater hydration.

Hair growth is reactivated and the hair-loss is stoped.

How to use






Apply on wet or dry hair (ideally after using Quinine shampoo from klorane):

- 10 sprays on the scalp;

- 5 sprays in length.

Massage, to activate the circulation and brush your hair.

Do not remove with water.

We recommend 2 to 3 applications per week for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Each vial allows 12 weeks of use.

The treatment is unisex.

Quinine - Klorane

Much used by the Incas, the peel of quinine, originally from South America​, contains quinine, an alkaloid with stimulant properties that promote hair growth, giving it strength and vigor.

Your hair has a tendency to fall? Is it weak, no tone and devitalized, especially in changing seasons? Do you want to stop this anormal fall and enhance growth more vigorous your hair?

With the Klorane anti-hair loss line, fight effectively against hair loss and return health and vitality to your hair.



Anti hair loss capillary ritual : klorane

last update: 23 September 2016

Anti hair loss capillary ritual : klorane
Your hair has a tendency to fall? It is weak, without tone and devitalized , especially in the changing seasons ? This post is for you!
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The importance of applying anti hair fall topical treatments!
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