Quinoral fortifying anti-hair loss capsules - Klorane

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Klorane - Trio quinoral anti-hair loss treatment 3x60capsules (offer 1month)

Klorane - Quinoral

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Klorane - Quinoral anti-hair loss treatment 60capsules

Klorane - Quinoral

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Klorane - Quinoral anti-hair loss treatment 60capsules (expiring 02/2018)

Klorane - Quinoral



Based on Cinchona pubescens extract, this anti-hair loss fortifying capillary care, increases hair strength, stops the fall and redensifies the hair.

The food supplement for anti-hair loss combat

Composed of 2 capsules, for 2 actions directed and complementary.

The green capsule with vegetable extracts contains:

  • Cinchona pubescens, to stimulate micro-circulation, favouring a good irrigation of the hair bulb
  • Quinoa and Arugula, particularly rich in sulphurous amino acids, that allow the reconstruction of keratin and hair growth.

The ivory-colored capsule offers a full concentrated vitamins, essential for hair growth (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B8, and), to rejuvenate and fortify the hair in depth.

After 3 months of treatment, reduction of hair-loss by 81% and strengthened hair for 88% of the users.

Hair tip...
For an  optimised anti-hair loss effectiveness, you should associate Quinoral with the other products of the aniti-hair-loss Klorane line: Quinine Fortifier Shampoo, Quinine hair conditioner, Quinaforte ampoles.

How to use






Take 1 capsule of ivory color and 1 green capsule in the morning.

Minimum recommend treatment: a 3 months.

Quinine - Klorane

Much used by the Incas, the peel of quinine, originally from South America​, contains quinine, an alkaloid with stimulant properties that promote hair growth, giving it strength and vigor. Your hair has a tendency to fall? Is it weak, no tone and devitalized, especially in changing seasons? Do you want to stop this anormal fall and enhance growth more vigorous your hair? With the Klorane anti-hair loss line, fight effectively against hair loss and return health and vitality to your hair.


Anti hair loss capillary ritual : klorane

last update: Friday, 23 September 2016

Anti hair loss capillary ritual : klorane
Your hair has a tendency to fall? It is weak, without tone and devitalized , especially in the changing seasons ? This post is for you!