Cicaplast balm b5 damaged skin in healing - La Roche Posay

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La Roche Posay - Cicaplast balm b5 40ml

La Roche Posay - Cicaplast baume b5

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La Roche Posay - Cicaplast balm b5 100ml

La Roche Posay - Cicaplast baume b5



This multi-repairing balm, has a triple-action formula:
1. skin regenerating,
2. soothing and skin repair
3. skin protetor with antibacterial agents.

A texture with high cosmeticity, soothes sensitive skins after dermatitis and skin alterations.
For the whole family: infants, children and adults.

A multi-repairing care for sensitive, cracked, scaly skin with warm feeling ... it can be applied in the body, face and lips

CICAPLAST line by La Roche-Posay

Accelerates epidermal healing and repair.

For the whole family, this epidermal restorative line, has an healing effect that accelerates the healing of damaged, scaly, cracked, sore skin or injury from a trauma (abrasion, burning, cracking), by external aggression (cold, extreme dryness , mycotic infection), for a dermatological action (peeling, laser, dermabrasion) or minor surgery.

How to use

La Roche Posay




Apply twice a day over pre-washed and dry skin.
It can be applied in a generous layer.
It can be applied in the body, face and lips, avoiding the eye contour area.


Damaged skin

last update: Monday, 16 May 2016

Damaged skin
Cicaplast Baume B5: For adult or kids skin, which is damaged.
Multi-tasking beauty produtcts!

last update: Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Multi-tasking beauty produtcts!
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