Hydra zen neurocalm extreme anti-stress moisturising cream-gel - Lancome

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    Lancome Hydra zen neurocalm extreme gel-cream 50ml
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Lancome - Hydra zen neurocalm extreme gel-cream 50ml

Lancome - Hydra zen extrême gel-crème hydratant apaisant



The unique pleasure of a gel cream that appeases and hydrates the skin during 24 hours!

A watch that takes your skin to the most extreme comfort!

Free your skin from the stress and surrender to the tranquility, thanks to a fresh texture, deliciously filled with water!

For the first time, the complex NeuroCalm is associated with the Madécassoside, a plant extract with highly soothing properties scientifically proven to act simultaneously on 4 carriers of cutaneous discomfort, releasing stress skin instantly.

Full of microcapsules moisturizers, this delightfully fresh aqueous gel-cream and non-greasy irrigates continuously the skin, helping to keep an optimal cutaneous barrier.
A silky texture and refreshing, smooth the skin contact, let her intensely moisturized and perfectly appeased!

How to Use





Apply on the face to moisturize thoroughly.