Soothing shampoo for sensitive scalp - Lazartigue

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    Lazartigue Soothing shampoo for sensitive scalp 150ml
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Lazartigue - Soothing shampoo for sensitive scalp 150ml

Lazartigue - Soothing shampoo



Scalp sensitivity manifests with itching, tingling and tightness sensations', which are annoying and may be aggravated by external factors.

To provide you with protection and comfort, Lazartigue developed the Soothing shampoo for sensitive scalp.

Scalp is soothed and balanced; preventing the discomfort associated with sensitivity!

This shampoo contains gentle cleansing agents and doesn't contain sulfates; thus allowing to clean the scalp effectively without destabilizing the hydrolipidic barrier. Formulated with α-bisabolol and soothing properties, this shampoo allows you to alleviate the itching and the feeling of discomfort.

Also, the vegan fragrance provides a perfect balance between the sweetness of jasmine and the freshness of bergamot.

How to Use






Apply on wet hair, spreading evenly and gently massaging.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.