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Throughout a woman's life, cellulite and increase in volume, cause unwanted curves and contours that tend to increase with aging.

These body modifications, are mostly caused by hormonal changes, a more sedentary routine or a simple change in the diet.

Fortunately, the LIERAC Laboratories now feature an unprecedented response to all women seeking a quick solution, ultra efficient and comfortable, especially for the holidays, so that the body is in its top form.

Body slim - Intensive slimming

1 - Express effectiveness since the first application!
90% smoother skin
78% slimming effect
75% more toned skin

Express caffeine activity x 15

Results after 7 days:
Up to - 3,1 cm in the waist!

2 - Intensive effectiveness
Clinically proven!
Body-slim express slimming care is as effective as a slimming professional technique.

3 - A nice and comfortable texture, loved by women
Its active serum gel texture is not greasy, not sticky and has an immediate coolling effect thanks to the presence of a criothermic agent.
* 100% nice and easy to apply texture
* 97% nice perfume
* 89% fast penetration

* 100% of women enjoyed the product

How to use





Massage the cream on the affected areas with a circular motion over a perfectly clean, dry skin by morning and/or evening.

A truly effective and enhancer product to apply at the beginning of a diet or during the week before going to the beach for a "start-up" effect.

The application can be extended as needed, using the triple action BODY-SLIM for a perfect and long-lasting result.



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last update: 30 October 2015

Lose weight without problems
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