Mask confort moisturizing rich cream - Lierac

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Lierac - Masque confort moisturizing rich cream 50ml

Lierac - Masque confort créme onctueuse hydratante



Masque Confort is a nourishing mask for skin with acute dehydration problems.

This concentrate soothing ingredients to fill the back skin from the inside.

Real touch of wellbeing that regenerates, refreshes and moisturizes!

A unique combination of pink clay and rose extract that results in a super moisturizing and soothing mask, enriched with shea butter and mango oil.

The skin gets imediate comfort, gaining energy and hydration.

How to use






Apply a generous layer on well cleansed skin.

Wait 10 minutes (for exemple while bathing) and remove the excess, or just leave overnight.

Suitable for dry to very skin.