Bust lift anti-aging recontouring cream - Lierac

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Lierac - Bust lift anti-aging recontouring cream 75ml

Lierac - Bust lift crème remodelante anti-âge



To shape less firm breasts, to attenuate small scars marks that appear after pregnancy or too fast weight loss cures, LIERAC has developed a specific care.

Bust Lift Modeling Cream is a full anti-aging care for the bust, with a base of hazelnut oligopeptides and extract of tangerine of japan to reaffirm the skin of the bust and blur brown stains.

Recover firmness and win a smooth and moisturized skin

Reaffirms the breasts, moisturizes your skin and reduces and prevents brown stains!



How to use




Apply morning and evening in the bust and neckline area, through slight massages on a eight shape, with upward movements, at least for 4 weeks.