Homme after-shave soothing balm anti-irritation and anti-tightness - Lierac

Lierac - Homme after-shave soothing balm anti-irritation 75ml

Lierac - Homme après-rasage baume apaisant anti-irritations



For all types of skin, Baume Apaisant, after shave Moisturizer ends with the burning sensation after shaving in sensitive skin, soothes the sensations and bites, smoothes the irritation (burning, redness, heat, etc.).

Because Men also deserve softness ...

With Calendula extract and shea butter and natural anti-hair growing technology to decrease the frequency of shaving.

With this vitality and energy battery, the skin is balanced, with optimized functioning and full of health.


How to use





Apply after shaving.


The laboratories LIERAC developed a line as the most demanding men with high-performance products.

The secret? Skinpower Complex:
Iron- key element of oxygen transport to the tissues, it is vital to cell renewal and plays a role in tissue oxygenation;
Magnesium- paramount in energy reactions, in particular favours the synthesis of proteins and ensures the cohesion of molecules;
Copper- indispensable for the cutaneous synthesis, is involved in the synthesis of collagen and keratin, responsible for the firmness of the skin;
Zinc- essential for epidermal renewal, acts on differentiation and proliferation queratinocitária;
Manganese- activates the enzymes superoxide dismutase, antioxidant skin protection capital.


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