Homme déo 24h roll on antitranspirant - Lierac

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    Lierac Homme déo roll on anti-perspirant 50ml
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Lierac - Homme déo roll on anti-perspirant 50ml

Lierac - Homme déo 24h



Through na unique combination of active ingredients of natural origin, this deodorant regulates perspiration without blocking, and neutralizes bacteria responsible for bad smells for long term protection and intense feeling of freshness.

Effectiveness 24h without stains and without residues.

With Deo 24h, the body hygiene of men is complete!

Its action is due to the excellent choice of active ingredients:

  • long lasting antiperspirant action - HORSETAIL & SAVE + natural antiperspirant agents + active anti-odor component biotech
  • freshness non stop - mint extract & lemon essence.
  • soothing action - glycerin.

How to use





Apply the product directly on clean, dry armpits.