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Lierac - Hydragenist moisturizing rescue balm oxigenating relumping 50ml

Lierac - Hydragenist aquabaume hydratant sos oxygénant repulpant



Hydragenist moisturizing rescue balm oxigenating relumping - a true moisturizing bath for the skin.

This balm rich in comforting water is especially suitable to soothe very dehydrated skins or that easily become dehydrated, with skin discomfort, often with tugging sensation and reactive skin.

Almost like submerge the skin in water, letting it absorb like a sponge, giving elasticity and comfort to the skin, as well as luminosity and youth.

The result is a skin that breathes freshness!

Formulated with an innovative complex Hydra O2 at 10%, which combines 3 ultrapowerful active components - Biomimetic Oxygen, hyaluronic acid and Vernónia leaf - oxygenates the cells, for a moisturized skin, filling fine lines and smoothing wrinkles for a more fresh complexion.

The Jasmine and Camellia Flower Oils, strengthen the skin's natural defenses, and limit the inflammatory skin processes, decreasing the dehydration, fighting against premature aging.

How to use





  • As a healing treatment:
    daily apply the balm by morning and evening on the face after the moisturizing serum.
  • As moisturizing mask:
    2 to 3 times a week, apply in thin layer and leave 5 minutes.
    gently massage until its total absorption.

LIERAC - Hydragenist

The first signs of aging become visible after the age of 30 years.

The skin becomes dehydrated, less plumped, wrinkles and fine lines become visible, the complexion becomes dull.

To combat the first signs of aging and prolong youth, Lierac laboratories go further, and create Hydragenist: a line of innovative care whose development is based on the discovery of the action of Oxygen in skin hydration.

The first line of moisturizing care oxigenantes fillers is now created!



Lierac hydragenist

last update: Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Lierac hydragenist
hydragenist. come to meet a range of innovative skin care that is based on oxygen as a major element in skin hydration processes.
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