Initiatic first wrinkles energizing smoothing fluid - Lierac

Lierac - Initiatic first wrinkles energizing smoothing fluid 40ml

Lierac - Initiatic fluide lissant énergisant correction premières rides



A Hydra-matifying care, with energetic and protective effect to combat excess shine and moisturize normal to combination skin.

The signs of age are diminished, the formation of the first wrinkles is delayed.

The skin is smooth, hydrated and matifyed
The complexion becomes more luminous!

With Initiatic first wrinkles energizing smoothing fluid, the signs of aging are caught from the beginning, so that your skin stays young ...


How to use





Apply morning and evening, on the skin of the face and neck previously cleansed.

Suitable for normal to combination skins.

LIERAC - Initiatic

The Lierac laboratories investigations, made it possible to discover one of the main causes for the appearance of the first wrinkles:
The dysfunction of mitochondria, the only power generators of our skin.

They are structures that are found inside cells and can be compared to batteries that produce, store and distribute energy to the prevention and correction of the signs of skin aging.

To fight against their loss of function, Lierac developed Initiatic: the perfect alliance between science, through a 5 amino acids, and the botanical power, through the goji extract, an ultra energetic fruit with anti-oxidant properties.

Initiatic is a real concentrate of energy and protection that relaunches and promotes the activity of mitochondria.


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