Mesolift serum ultra vitamin-enriched fresh serum radiance booster - Lierac

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Lierac - Mesolift serum ultra vitamin-enriched fresh serum 30ml

Lierac - Mésolift serum frais survitaminé révélateur d'éclat



Against skin fatigue, Mésolift line is inspired by mesotherapy practiced by dermatologists.

It has a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid that combat fine lines and dull complexions.

As a result of these moisturizing and anti-aging nutrients, the brightness and toning effect immediate.

The skin is revitalized, bright and with a healthy look!

Mesólift Concentrated nourishing and revitalising, contains 15% Mesólift cocktail.

The skin regains radiance, tone and hydration.


How to use






Apply on clean skin, morning and night, or just before your daily cream.

A few drops are enough to spread over the entire face.