Phytophyline stubborn cellulite correction serum - Lierac

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Lierac - Phytophyline stubborn cellulite correction serum 20vials of 7,5ml

Lierac - Phytophyline sérum correction cellulite installée



The skin with orange-skin look results from the accumulation of rebellious agglomerated fats, characteristically in the hips, knees or arms and the change of the cutaneous surface.

On a chock cure, to recover a smoother, firmer skin and to attack these fats, Lierac laboratories have developed Phytophyline, a true fitológico slimming complex.

An unique product that reduces the "orange skin" look!

Performs a double action:

  • the plant extracts (horsetail, Ivy bindweed and dandelions) stimulate the connective tissue components and favor the restoration of skin elasticity;
  • the ecina and tea extract tone and protect the capillary network favoring the reduction of cellulite.

How to use





Shake the ampoule.

Break the ampoule with the help of the ampoules braker and pour the contents in the jar diffusor.

Spray the indicated areas.

Gently massage until total penetration of the product.

Apply 1 ampoule by morning and at night, with light massages, on the afected areas for 6 to 8 weeks.

The application can be prolonged for more than 8 weeks, 1 x/day, for as long as needed obtain skin improvements.

Without caffeine, can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



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